Zee World- Silver Lining Weekly Teasers March 2017

Sunday 05 March 2017

‘S2/E35 – 2/35’. Everyone goes frantic trying to find Isha. Ira decides to help Revati hide Isha’s body to save herself. Ira and Revati try to sneak out Isha’s body from the house.

‘S2/E36 – 2/36’. The search for Isha still continues. Devki suspects that Revati has kidnapped Isha. Revati frames Shravan for kidnapping Isha. Revati and Ira finally get rid of Isha’s body.

‘S2/E37 – 2/37’. Everyone arrives at the crash scene, but the body is burnt beyond recognition. Samarth refuses to believe that Isha is dead. Revati starts being paranoid and removes Isha’s photos.

‘S2/E38 – 2/38’. Ira finally confesses her feelings for Isha. Revati cannot speak while giving her eulogy at Isha’s funeral. Isha’s ghost returns to haunt Revati.

‘S2/E39 – 2/39’. The last ritual is underway and Revati continues seeing Isha’s ghost. The truth about all the incidents that have been happening in the house are revealed.

‘S2/E40 – 2/40’. The family continues messing with Revati about the ghost. Shravan gives Ira something that she will cherish. Ira gets attacked and gets saved by someone she doesn’t expect.