How To Stay Awake During Exams

The tendency of studying the last days during exams is an act many students practice. However, it is crucial that they do not fall asleep. Even though our bodies find it hard at times to be up for longer hours, we usually have to sacrifice our sleep since success is implicit when it comes to staying up late.

Not every student is bright and while some excel in their studies, the majority finds it hard to study and opt for staying up late before the exams. This leads to many being sleepy during the exams. There are common suggestions such as having enough sleep, regular exercise and eating well while studying in order to be up. However, despite these suggestions, you may still feel sleepy during your exams. It is quite perilous to have plenty of sleep when you have your final exams. It is essential to note that being awake during your exams yields better grades since you will focus on what you are doing.

Studying till late and expecting to be awake the next day is quite difficult. You will not concentrate on your paper and you might even be too tired to sit for it. You will also lack enough sleep. In spite of the challenges encountered while studying there are interesting ways to ensure you have enough rest and also stay awake during exams. While some of them prove effective, some may be unhelpful thus yield to waste of time, energy and effort and also poor results. Some of these beneficial methods include:

  • Avoid physical hard-work.

Engaging yourself in too much physical hard-work such as talking the whole day, being on toes throughout the day and keeping tabs on the notifications on your phone tires up your brain and body which is not good for you. This will exhaust you up and lead you to sleep much. Well, preparation for the exams necessitates vigor. Ensure that you have enough sleep and energy to keep you awake during your exams.

  • Healthy eating.

Overloading your stomach with heavy foods will make it difficult for you to stay up long and if you manage to do so, you might oversleep the next day which is not good for you. In order to make it being awake during your exams, you need to ensure that you have enough energy to keep you up. Have light foods at night and a healthy breakfast rich in proteins. This will not only boost your energy but also enable you to focus on your paper. Moreover, you will be able to sleep well.

  • Take breaks.

Many students prefer to study for longer hours in order to be able to grasp a lot. This contradicts their productivity. Taking breaks during your studies is vital as it helps your mind to be calm and refresh. Do not feel guilty for basking in the sun while your exams are around the corner. The vitamin D you get is essential for your brain too. Additionally, authors at state that for long-term retention of knowledge taking regular breaks is indeed helpful.

  • Revise past papers.

This is basically one of the most effective ways to prepare for exams. This helps you familiarize yourself with the format of the questions. You also get to time yourself while doing the paper in order to note how much time you spend in each section.

  • Sufficient study time.

Many students thrive on last minute studies which lead to cramming. As you very well know, this is not an efficient way to approach an exam. Time management is an issue various students do not know how to go about. In order to be well prepared for your exams, writers at essayzoo blog advice that you ought to have a study timetable. This will help you balance yourself and have enough time to study for different topics.

  • Make short notes.

While studying it can be quite a challenge to capture everything. However, taking short notes on the most challenging topics helps you to remember much. This keeps your mind at ease since you can easily refer to your short notes rather than a whole book.

  • Organize study groups.

Not everyone is gifted with the ability of capturing everything in class. The vitality of study groups is that they help you discover your areas of weakness. Moreover, you also get to learn some concepts from your fellow comrades which help a lot.

  • Sleep well.

Many students believe that sleeping is a waste of time especially when the exams are near. Lack of enough rest gives your mind and body exhaustion. Moreover, you will not be focused while in an exam room since you might find the paper being hard and yearn for it to end. In order to invigorate your mind and be alert in an exam, ensure that you sleep well.

In conclusion, though staying awake in an exam is quite a challenge for many students, the above methods can help you prepare yourself and also have enough rest. It is very crucial to be awake as it helps you focus and you will indeed yield good grades.