The Queen’s Rami Chuene is not dead

Chuene says she did go to heaven, but God turned her away and told her it was not her time yet.

Former Muvhango actor Rami Chuene is definitely not dead, and her friend, EFF leader Julius Malema, can attest to that. A Facebook user decided the day before Women’s Day to announce Chuene’s fake death, receiving comments from people who were heartbroken at the news.

But The Queen actor has announced on her social media accounts that she was still very much alive and now calls herself The Risen Queen.

Chuene jokingly said she made the announcement while she was on her way back to Earth after God refused her entry into heaven.

“My brothers and sisters. I’m writing this message on my way back to earth. I got to heaven and Father God looked at me and said ‘Mercy, no!’ Then I went to hell and the devil from his fiery abode said, ‘Hell no!’

“So I just want to let you know that I’ll be back in Jozi by 5pm. They were not ready. Not yet anyway. You can now call me The Risen Queen,” she wrote on Friday.

Her followers were relieved by the announcement, with Loyiso Bala’s wife, Jennifer Bala, saying: “Oh my goodness. We were just talking about this exact thing this morning! Why do people do this!?!”

The Queen fans can relax, as their Risen Queen is still going to appear on their TV screen for a while