9 Things Women Enjoy Doing Alone Without Men Around

Who says only men need a respite from the routine monotonous work! Who says it is only men who need space and a temporary disconnection from responsibilities! Even women can enjoy being alone. A woman can be a wife, daughter, daughter-in law, mother, sister, etc all at the same time and may even play her role with great perfection. But it is generally men who get the chance to run away with their friends to enjoy moments of isolation.

Women, too want space for themselves with endless moments to fulfil all their wishes. They are constantly engaged in the household chores and if they are working, then attaining a balance between work, family and social life becomes a mighty difficult task. Yet they are always expected to sacrifice their spare time in completing extra chores. They actually have so much to do when they are alone that men could never think of doing. If given a choice of staying alone and find pleasure in it, then these are the 9 things women enjoy doing alone without men around:

1. Enjoying An Ultra Clean Living Room

Living room is the place where all the family members love to stay and enjoy each other’s company. So whenever the cleaning expert in them cleans the whole place, they don’t even get a chance to enjoy the clean sight even for seconds. The first thing they would love to enjoy in absence of men is a clean living room with a golden opportunity of sitting on an ultra clean couch for more than a mere second.