#Uzalo Uzalo Teasers May – June 2017 (Mzansi Magic)

Monday 8 May 2017

Episode 66

Pastor Mdletshe and MaNzuza’s frustration grow as they can’t figure out what is wrong with Mxolisi. Mbhekiseni makes a good impression on MaNgcobo and he and MaMlambo finally kiss. Nkunzi shows Mxolisi proof that his father killed in Swaziland.

Tuesday 9 May 2017

Episode 67

Nosipho and MaNgcobo find each other after a heartfelt conversation. Pastor Mdletshe and MaNzuza worry that Mxolisi has gone back to crime. Mxolisi is livid with Sbu as an ATM bombing goes wrong. MaMlambo has second thoughts about her relationship with Mbhekiseni and wants to slow things down.

Wednesday 10 May 2017

Episode 68

Mxolisi is ready to come clean about the ATM bombings but Pastor Mdletshe and Nkunzi put him in a corner that he cannot get out of.

Zekhetelo is hopeful that Mxolisi will open up to her, but he denies any feelings for her and apologises for wasting her time. MaMlambo’s heart breaks as she realizes too late the she really wants Mbhekiseni in her life.

Thursday 11 May 2017

Episode 69

MaNzuza is livid as Pastor Mdletshe kicks Mxolisi out of the house after a drunken incident. Mxolisi wants to take out Nkunzi. Mastermind tells Mxolisi they need to get closer to Nkunzi in order to kill him. Mbhekiseni has left town and MaMlambo only has herself to blame for losing him.

Friday 12 May 2017

Episode 70

Mxolisi and Mastermind plot to get rid of Nkunzi using Sbu as bait. The choir celebrates good news. Mbekhiseni returns and he and MaMlambo declare their love for each other. A shocking incident from the past enters Thobile’s world when it turns out Mbhekiseni is her uncle.