Watch: Car flies through the air and crashes!

Arrive Alive shared a horrific video of a car flying through air and crashing into a sign post before coming to rest against a wall.

The driver of the car, a woman believed to be in her 20s, was left critically injured following the collision in the early hours of Sunday morning on Rivonia Road in Sandton, Joburg.

On Sunday afternoon, a man shared a video of a wrecked Audi TT on YouTube, in which he said a woman driver had survived unscathed.

But ER4 has reported that upon arrival at the scene, paramedics found a wrecked performance vehicle lying next to a wall.

“The woman was found lying a short distance behind the vehicle.

“Paramedics assessed her and found that she had sustained numerous injuries and was in a critical condition,” said ER24.

Paramedics treated the woman and immediately initiated advanced life support interventions, in an effort to stabilize her vital signs.

“Once treated, the woman was transported to Charlotte Maxeke Hospital for urgent care.”

Local authorities were on the scene for further investigations.

The video of the vehicle flying in the air was released on Monday morning.