WATCH: 18 Year Old invents a Bra which detects early signs of breast cancer

After his mom had a double mastectomy when he was just 13, Julian Rios Cantu wanted to help other women combat breast cancer.

The Mexican student, now 18, designed a bra that alerts wearers to possible early signs of cancer using sensors that map the surface of the breast and surrounding areas.

Cantu and three friends created the EVA bra through his company, Higia Technologies.

Two hundred small tactile biosensors map the surface of each breast and monitor changes in texture, colour and temperature.

The bra only has to be worn for one hour a week, so it doesn’t interfere with daily life.

After its sensors map the surface of the breast as well as texture, colour and temperature, it relays the data to a computer or smartphone app via Bluetooth, where it is processed by a neural network.