“Wayde van Niekerk is black” : Mngxitama

The BLF leader says calling the athlete a coloured ‘is self-defeating’.

An ideological battle on top athlete Wayde van Niekerk’s race is continuing to brew on social media on Monday.

Leader of Black First Land First (BLF) Andile Mngxitama argues that “reducing van Niekerk to a coloured” makes late apartheid architect Hendrik Verwoerd smile.

“To reduce #WaydevanNiekerk into a so called #Coloureds hero is to cut oneself from the black majority. It’s self defeating. Wayde is black!” said Mngxitama.

“Accepting the apartheid divide and conquer scheme by blacks shows how much we need black consciousness. #WaydevanNiekerk is black.

“It must never be forgotten that #WaydevanNiekerk comes from progressive sporting family that sacrificed to fight white racism.

“Sad to see #WaydevanNiekerk being reduced to an icon of the so called #Coloureds. Verwoerds must be smiling. apartheid thinking wins again.”

Van Niekerk, who believes “God is power”, took the men’s 400m gold medal in 43.03 seconds, smashing a 17-year-old record.

Even though van Niekerk believes “Jesus did it” for him, some believe it’s a “coloured victory”.

“This is a moment for coloured people to celebrate. I’m not saying if you’re black or white you must not be happy. But just shut up for a bit,” said Whynona Ryder ‏@NosiphoAamori.

One person on Twitter said: “Coloured people must not make this victory about race. Its a South African victory?. Case closed!”.

“I’m all lump-in-throat thinking about what @WaydeDreamer’s dream chasing means for coloured children watching him ❤️ representation matters?,” said Sarah Koopman ‏@sarah_koopman.

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Some came out to blame the colonial system which “labelled us as black people”, saying that the so-called coloured people are also black people. “We are here trying to convince coloured people that they are actually black, worse, that we are all just human, asking why it’s about race??,” The Maid ‏@crazynellz said.

“I get this is a coloured victory but who said that they are ‘not black enough’? ’cause coloured people get offended when you call them black,” Drunken Monkey ‏@kweenmal said.

“When its bad, you emphasise the coloured. Now it’s good, you dilute it. He’s COLOURED. #ColouredExcellence,” Vestbrah Bhongo ‏@bhongox said.

“Crazy how black people can unapologetically celebrate black victories but coloureds can’t do the same w/ coloured victories,” Katle(hoe) (Bae)kie ‏@Kat_Upendi said.

Source: Citizen

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