Why Women Fake O.rgasms

Is she faking it? A new study in the journal S.exualtes concludes there’s a good chance she is—at least once in a while.

The Canadian study authors first reviewed the existing research, which suggests “most women fake o_rgasm at least some of the time” during s_ex

The researchers then interviewed 14 women to ask whether they had faked it before—and if so, why. Thirteen of those 14 copped to having feigned pleasure.

Why play pretend? Here’s what the women said, word for word:

“It [s_ex] wasn’t fun, I just . . . passed the time, like it was—I was doing it just to make him happy.”

“I didn’t really feel like doing anything, not really in the mood but I—I did anyway just because it was something nice to do for my partner.”

“I just kind of wanted it to end.”