‘I won’t change for anyone’ – Penny Penny hits back at ‘broken’ English debate

Veteran musician Penny Penny has joined the chorus of fans who have defended his “broken” English, after the star was mocked on social media.

Penny Penny once again captured the hearts of Mzansi on Wednesday night when his new reality show, Papa Penny Ahee made its debut on Mzansi Magic.

And while social media went crazy over Penny Penny’s TV return, his first since a stint as a choirmaster on last year’s Clash of the Choirs, it did spark a language debate amongst users.

A minority of Twitter users mocked the musician’s “broken” English through memes and jokes.

However, the star’s fans soon turned the tables and flooded the social media network with messages defending their hero’s language abilities.

“I am not an English man and I won’t change for anyone. I am an African man and I am proud of that. I was not born speaking English but I speak communicative English and that should be enough. People who speak to me understand me, so I don’t think it is a problem,”.

Penny said that he watched the reality show’s debut at home with his family and was happy with how he and his family were portrayed.

“We were watching it as a family and we were happy with how everything was shown. It was strange watching myself but also very exciting,” Penny said.

Penny added that he had a great time shooting the reality show and would be open to a second season of the show.

“It would obviously depend on Mzansi Magic, but I would like to shoot more. I really think that fan’s will enjoy what we have shot so far and I want to give them more, if I can,” Penny added.